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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Welcome to Gregory Edwards Studio

I wanted to welcome you to my new website Gregory Edwards Studio. This section is where I will be posting items about whats new. Make sure you come back and check this page often so you can stay updated with what is going on.


Blogger McNair Dotson said...

The artist Gregory Edwards, painter, draughtsman and printmaker, is currently exhibiting in Los Angeles, California at the Municipal Arts Gallery in Barnsdall Park in an afrocentric survey show entitled Pathways through April 10, 2005.

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Blogger McNair Dotson said...


Mirror Ball

Take a good look

It's mirrors up, fronts down at Nikki! A Study of Narcissism in Art, curated by Buzz Gallery's Nicole Neditch for LoBot Gallery (1800 Campbell St., Oakland). For the show, Oakland Cultural Affairs Commissioner Gregory Edwards, Rent Girl illustrator Laurenn McCubbin, Haight St. window designer Janae Growden, Rogue Wave drummer Pat Spurgeon, and many others explore "the idea of transforming the image of ourselves into art." Friday's opening party starts at 8 p.m., costs $5, and features music by the Nervous Breakdowns, Little Cat, DJs Prozack Turner and Magic Martinez, and more TBA. -- Stefanie Kalem

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Blogger McNair Dotson said...

la paloma
Computer terminal and pigeon post office

Curator George charcoal burner, walter Kratner
Place cultural center weber house, Weiz
Opening 30. 10. 2003, 19,30 o'clock

Duration 31. 10. - 30. 11. 2003

Mi - SA 9 - 12 o'clock, so 15 - 18 o'clock and according to agreement

Music performance with letter pigeons, excavator drivers and blowing chapel

"The artist's role material life and report on observe in society is tons it poetically. If the movement OF his material is sure and hone, the work becomes A beautiful gesture." Tom Marioni

After 11 September interpreter inside banal phenomena interpreted suddenly as deep Omen with magic meaning as retrospective seeing gutters. In the schau "Trans Francisco" provide American KuenstlerInen current minutes of the reality. Among them Tom Marioni applies as one of the most important California artists of the Conceptual kind. Like many artists of its generation Marioni regards (art)Objekt not as purpose, but as means, in order to point social connections out. The organization of a culture quarter in the old part of town of Weiz by "more feichtinger architectes" is cause for the exhibition "architecture 1:10". Models and Maquetten in of Paris living architects of the Dietmar Feichtinger show interaction of aesthetics and functionality as architectural "models for further discussion".

Curator George charcoal burner, walter Kratner
Artists of feichtinger architectes (Paris), Tom Marioni,
Gregory Edward, Shmulik cramp, Carl Stone,
Ishan Clemenco (all San Francisco)

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Blogger McNair Dotson said...

Edited for Les Claypool
by Lowell Darling
(for sophie and ruby)

Film Credits

Hollywood Archæology credits everyone who has ever worked in or on a film that was shot, produced, processed or lost in Hollywood, California. Fragments in this film were found between 1973 and 1999 in the gutters of Seward Street: Hollywood. Any disfiguration is attributed to car tires, motor oil, grass stain, twigs, garbage, sun, rain, LA water, chemicals and age. Content was a matter of chance, but each film was edited specifically for the artist credited with the music.

Music Credits

Live at Gallery 16
San Francisco
September 11, 1997
Les Claypool: Bass
Adam Gates: Guitar
Jeff Marx: Drums


Rock Ross
Michael Rudnick
Rebeca Bollinger
Gregory Wiley Edwards
Ian Roberts
William Farley
Sherry Frumkin
Molly Barnes
Michael Swager
Peter Dekom
Monroe E. Price
Aimee Brown Price
Jim Preminger
Ann Harithas
Larry Hagman
Mike Mazurki
Robert the Mad
Seeta Gangadharin
Heather Johnson
Charles Veal Jr.
Ilene Segalove
Lucy Brown
Jim Newman
Griff Williams
Laurie Plant
Sophie Darling
Ruby Darling
Anthony Ramos
David Ross
Tom Waits
Kathleen Brennan
Les Claypool
Cheney Claypool
Seward Street

Processing & Transfering by Monaco Film Labs

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Blogger McNair Dotson said...

Smith Andersen Editions. Paintings and monotypes by Gregory Wiley Edwards, through March 20. 440 Pepper Ave., Palo Alto. (650) 327-7762.

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