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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Toni and Michael Jackson, David Jones, Kay Harvey, Gregory and Penelope Edwards, Katya Gardea Brown and Peter Kirkeby hanging out together @ Kirkeby, the Texas Street Pavillion of the 1st International Bayennale Exhibition.
Diane Buckler lives in Sante Fe, New Mexico, but spends quite a bit of the year in Bali. We worked together at Santa Monica College For Design, Art And Architecture, when we were living in the L.A. area. .
Venice Hotdog
Tom Vinetz is a phographer from Malibu. His photographic work documents Los Angeles area happenings, such as the fire seen here, as well as photomurals of L.A. graffitti and the scene in Venice Beach.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Opening Night crowd at the Texas Street Pavillion was quite rowdy. Curators, collectors, movie stars, museum and gallery personnel and old friends came out to watch the Film "Bicycle Trip" at the artspace called home by Dr. Kjersti Kirkeby and Peter Kirkeby. The last stragglers left at 4am after draining the keg of "Coastal Fog and depleting all the alcohol left in the place.
The 1st International Bayennale exhibition @ Kirkeby, 128 Texas Street, San Francisco was an eclectic mix of artists from California, New Mexico, France, Holland, Germany and Mexico. The work was as diverse as the origins of the artists.
Theodora Plas, Dre de Man, Damon Edwards, Tammy Glover-Edwards, Greg Edwards and Penelope Edwards preparing to dine in The hague.
Theodora Plas is a fine artist living in The Hague, in The Netherlands. She is shown here on the streets of Amsterdam with her art car.
Yves Tremorin, Impasse Masseville, Saint Malo, Bretagne, France outside the famous studio with the "Red Windows". Mr. Tremorin is represented in Paris by Galerie Peyroulet.
Rosanna Albertini, shown here, sitting between Penelope Edwards and Ed Hamilton at Hal's in Venice, CA, arranged to have some Yves Tremorin Photographs shipped from Los Angeles for the Bayennale @ Kirkeby
David Jones worked as a volunteer at the Bayennale offices during the most discouraging of times. He represented all of us well by his administrative efforts. He represented himself extremely well with this installation.
Michael and Toni Jackson made the trip from The Crenshaw District of Los Angeles to the Bay area for the 1st Bayennale.
The two works lent to the exhibition by Greg Edwards.
Michael and his wife Toni Jackson, drove the apotheosis of Hot Rods from Los Angeles to San Francisco where the car was disabled on 6th Street, near Folsom in the South of Market District. Michael was approached by a group of crackheads who, assisted him in the repair of his "70 Camaro and who were taken aback by his designation of them as "Angels". The car/sculpture arrived at the Texas Street Pavillion only minutes before the doors opened to the public. It was securely in place by the time the crowds arrived and was the center of attention for more than a few art lovers.
Katya Gardea Brown flew to San Francisco from Mexico City and installed 6 photographs in the Texas Street Pavillion documenting a conceptual work previously executed in Mexico.
Kay Harvey shipped 4 paintings for inclusion in the exhibition @ Kirkeby. On the 29th of July Kay and her daughter Noel Harvey, drove from Sante Fe to San Francisco to attend the special dinner of the artists involved in the show.
Diane Buckler visited San Francisco in late June with husband, Bob Burtis and son Dimitri. Ms. Buckler left several strong Iris prints for installation in the exhibition at the Texas Street Pavillion.
Yves Tremorin of St. Malo, Bretagne, France was represented by 4 Photographs. One of his Mother and three of his son, Ael Tremorin.
Theodora Plas sent two exquisite Serigraphs from The Hague by special courier, Dre de Man.
David Jones Platinum Glass Spray Can
Katya Gardea Brown and Kay Harvey
Penelope Edwards and Mark Weinstein with Tammy Glover-Edwards facing Mark and David Jones.
Participating artists David Jones of Oakland and Kay Harvey of Sante Fe, New Mexico
Greg Edwards and Peter Kirkeby have been friends for 16 years, having been introduced in 1989 by Paula Kirkeby who added Edwards to the roster of her Palo Alto gallery in that year and assigned her youngest son, Peter to manage Edwards' first monoprint project at Smith Anderson Editions. While discussing the ideals and goals of the 1st Bayennale during the early planning stage last Spring, Peter Kirkeby generously offerred to host an exhibition of local, national and international artists at his Portrero Hill loftspace. Diane Buckler and Kay Harvey from Sante Fe, Tom Vinetz and Michael Jackson from Malibu. and Los Angeles, Theodora Plas from The Netherlands, Yves Tremorin from France, Katya Gardea Brown from Mexico City and David Jones and Gregory Wiley Edwards of Oakland participated in the 1st Bayennale Exhibition @ Kirkeby, the Texas Street Pavillion.
At the opening of the 1st Bayennale, in the San Francisco artspace, Kirkeby, Gregory Wiley Edwards being interviewed by a camera crew from Osaka, Japan. Mr. Edwards is flanked by the extraordinary 1970 Chevy Camaro Z28 hotrod lowider, built by the Los Angeles based artist, Michael Jackson. On the wall behind Mr. Edwards is the 1999 painting, "Almost Halloween", and a smaller canvas from the new variant edition "Doorway To The East", inspired by a recent series of visits to Venice, Italy.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Museum Of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

MOCA, L.A. has recently acquired a drawing from 1975 from the collection of the artist, entitled "From The Ashes Of The Seven-Headed Cobra". The acquisition was made with funds contributed by a Northern California art patron.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pathways and Reaction

The artist Gregory Edwards, painter, draughtsman and printmaker, is currently exhibiting in Los Angeles, California at the Municipal Arts Gallery in Barnsdall Park in an afrocentric survey show entitled Pathways and Reaction, through April 10, 2005.

Afrocentric Pre-Colonial Philosophical, Religious & Cultural Reclaimation - Aesthetics

Afrocentric Pre-Colonial Philosophical, Religious & Cultural Reclaimation
Proposed BannersNew African American Historical Epoch Launched By Artists' DrawingsPreparation For The Final Push Toward The Ultimate Aim Of Reclaiming The Philosical, Religious And Cultural Ground Of Being Temporarily Suspended Through The Period Of Slavery And The Post-Slavery And Colonialism Disorder Era / Major Benefits Accrue To All Etats Unis Citizens By Ubiquitous Replenishment And Reconnection Phenomenon

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Welcome to Gregory Edwards Studio

I wanted to welcome you to my new website Gregory Edwards Studio. This section is where I will be posting items about whats new. Make sure you come back and check this page often so you can stay updated with what is going on.
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