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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Greg Edwards and Peter Kirkeby have been friends for 16 years, having been introduced in 1989 by Paula Kirkeby who added Edwards to the roster of her Palo Alto gallery in that year and assigned her youngest son, Peter to manage Edwards' first monoprint project at Smith Anderson Editions. While discussing the ideals and goals of the 1st Bayennale during the early planning stage last Spring, Peter Kirkeby generously offerred to host an exhibition of local, national and international artists at his Portrero Hill loftspace. Diane Buckler and Kay Harvey from Sante Fe, Tom Vinetz and Michael Jackson from Malibu. and Los Angeles, Theodora Plas from The Netherlands, Yves Tremorin from France, Katya Gardea Brown from Mexico City and David Jones and Gregory Wiley Edwards of Oakland participated in the 1st Bayennale Exhibition @ Kirkeby, the Texas Street Pavillion.


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